If You Can Flush A Toilet, You’re Creative – Part 2

Creativity . Ah! First flash of appeal. Then you think: it’s a word reserved for the geniuses like the Einsteins or Steve Jobs. Weaving through our spiral DNAs are streaks of creativity. Everyone can be creative. However, it isn’t just a function of having it. It’s as much a question of how we are to extract its alluring juices within us.

Soup is tasty because salt in it is stirred. Recognize that your choice to be creative or not is a function of being creative. Unleashing the creative genie is a deliberate and conscious action. It’s a function of refusing to be mediocre.

The dexterity with which we solve our human problems underscores the innateness of our creativity. From carefully crafting pecuniary ‘appeal plans’ to our uncles to selling our prized possessions on a whim are shades of creativity.

We yearn to see the “aha” moments on the faces of clients, customers and friends. We love the ‘wow’ appellations. The question that rips up its complexity is “At what time have we crossed the threshold from mediocre to extraordinary?”

That thin line could have an indecipherable shade of grey. While it may be hard to decode, consistently upping the ante is a perennial goal for the aware creative. Those sparks, those ideas don’t often come tumbling into your medulla the way we desire. They may come while taking a pee, while talking to that toxic boss of yours or in the midst of a sermon. That’s odd and irregular. And then there’s the pull to stew in the rut of ‘just there’ – the equivalence of ordinariness.

We fear to sound ridiculous, offbeat or downright unconventional so we can be accepted or fit into mind sized societal boxes. Why do folks feel the titles of books must always be horizontal? Why not oblique? Must pictures face upwards always?

Just thinking aloud anyways!

Emeka NOBIS simply helps you do what you love and love what you do as well as earn by doing so. As a Life Strategist, he helps individuals discover the unique array of gifts within and how to use them to live a life filled with purpose. He sits atop Profound Impacts International as the Lead Strategist, a company he founded with a mission to nurture minds for impacts. The company is fostered on five pedestals - mind dynamics, business, relationships, career and sprituality. As a writer and author, he has written THE PROFOUND LIFE: Principles and Strategies for Living a Life of Impacts. Follow him on twitter for life changing tweets. Add him on BB 2A15C52B

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