The Dog That Trots About Finds A Bone : Oddity Is Creativity

It’s possible to wow your audience and your world in a way that is volcanic.

It may not be done sitting in a vacuum. The universe has an abundance of sizzling ideas and thoughts floating around in the ether. Accept this inalterable truth. So get out in the open and capture the creative ions. Go see movies. Read unread stuff. They sizzle your creative juices. Prime the ideas by noticing your cardinal moments of flow – peeing, shaving, toileting or eating ear sized peanuts. Everyone has.

The dog that trots about finds a bone.

Sit in a five star hotel and watch the makes of shoes strutting about on the lobby. You are either upping your game or rolling down the slides of obscurity. Step up or step outta the way. That’s an order. Not everyone must believe a box of chocolates must be opened from the top. Why not the sides? That’s odd. Oddity is creativity.

In the real world, products that give the competitive and sustaining edge aren’t like egusi soup with no variety over the ages. Creativity is adding a slant here or there. That’s why car manufacturers tweak their features and introduce them as new models. A round mirror becomes parabolic. Many rush to the car dealers to purchase them as if a parabolic mirror will see a human being in a reverse form. So review your models, remodel your product shapes, use new ink colors – that’s creativity. That’s stepping up.

You’re odd because you’re creative. Accept the title. Sooner than you know it, the world will beat the door to your brain cells.


Emeka NOBIS simply helps you do what you love and love what you do as well as earn by doing so. As a Life Strategist, he helps individuals discover the unique array of gifts within and how to use them to live a life filled with purpose. He sits atop Profound Impacts International as the Lead Strategist, a company he founded with a mission to nurture minds for impacts. The company is fostered on five pedestals - mind dynamics, business, relationships, career and sprituality. As a writer and author, he has written THE PROFOUND LIFE: Principles and Strategies for Living a Life of Impacts. Follow him on twitter for life changing tweets. Add him on BB 2A15C52B

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