OPINION: “My Converge Experience: Thinking Aloud”

Phone beeps…

Uhhhmmmnn; Maple is at it again I thought! However, I think I like the name “CONVERGE’’ besides, whatever Maple is involved in couldn’t be wrong – I concluded.

The first step to making it there would be to register, so I picked up my BB to do so, but my phone decides to go off. Okay, I at least made an attempt; but the truth is, after that time I, for some reason unknown to me- did not try registering again.

Phone beeps again…..

And am like oh my gosh! You mean this conference is tomorrow and I hadn’t registered? Guess what now? BIS expired! And then I go consoling myself – “well may be am not supposed to be there”- lol (of course you and I knows that it’s just sheer laziness and an aftermath of procrastination)

Saturday morning is here! Generally, or should I say usually, my Saturdays are dedicated to wedding receptions or house chores, so I had given up on the converge conference; and to top my excuses, it decided to rain- wow!  What a perfect excuse.  But come to think of it, was anybody forcing me to attend? No! Was I going to be paid for attending? No! Was anybody going to die if I didn’t attend? Biggest No! So what’s the fuss about? I tire ooo… lol.


Hello BJ today is the conference, are you set? I am already on my way…

I started stammering,  ehmmm, ehmmm, you see? You know? I have to wash and clean and you know na….

Yes I do, I know. Notwithstanding , I want you to help me with something there, so hurry up and find your way down there…

That was my boss! You know how it is with bosses-I didn’t know where the strength and courage came from but to cut the whole story short, I was at Juanita Hotels in a few minutes.As I dropped from my cab (the cab rather, I no dey do cabu cabu) I was full ofexpectations- I really didn’t  know what exactly to expect.

Was I over-dressed or under-dressed are part of the things a regular girl would worry about. However; I was more optimistic than pessimistic. Reason? Which normal person would pay a huge amount of money to host a conference for some kind of joke? Or was it a CONVERGENCE OF JOKERS? I could only imagine.

I had a lot of questions, and the best the hotel door could do for me was to open up on its own for me to walk in. Oh! If only the stair case did same for me- you know, like lift me to the hall-lol. But the warm smile from the receptionist as I asked her the direction to the hall was enough leverage for me. I was so impressed I had to find out how much it was going to cost me to spend one more night there (contact me for info)you see, whether I do it now or later it doesn’t really matter, what matters is someday I will sleep in that hotel – dreams still come through everyday…….don’t they? Lol.

Still smiling over my thoughts, I came across a young handsome guy who asked me if I was registered for the conference; then it dawned on me again that I actually didn’t register.

What is the worst scenario that this could possibly lead to? Send me back? Ask me to pay money? Deprive me of materials, or coffee break? Good for me because I don’t even like coffee. What if they call security? God forbid! Snap out of this girl – are you ok?  Do they want to see my other side?

Well, whether you like it or not I do have another side…..and you don’t want to dare me, do you?

Door opens and a pretty lady directs me to a sit- I took the sit and in a minute  quickly glanced through the hall in order to ascertain the caliber of people that were gathered there-you want to know  my conclusion? It was truly a convergence of visionaries…..with this, I settled so fast; because at this point I knew I wasn’t in for a joke at all.

There I saw all kinds of presentations- from very serious to comic; all driving home important points.

Yea, there was the coffee break, sweet small chops and other mende-mendes.

We got back a few minutes later, as men and women alike managed to let go of their saucers and cups.

Questions were asked and answers were given.

I loved the “CONVERGE UNCONFERENCE” in the manner of what we used to practice in campus fellowship known as FAF {FELLOWSHIP AFTER FELLOWSHIP}. It was on a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Did I mention that we were serenaded with a beautiful piece of art by Ashford?

Wow! Wow!! If you were there then you would in no doubt add the third Wow!!!

In a nutshell, the conference was interactive, innovative, informative, educative, highly motivating and above all very creative, to mention but a few.

Well, I would disappoint you if you were thinking I was going to condemn and castigate anything or anybody. What I have is a suggestion for the next converge conference.

My observations {I stand to be corrected}

  • In attendance were high profiled people in the society
  • A good number of men in attendance were married
  • Majority of the people in attendance were people that have already excelled and are still excelling in their line of businesses.
  • The proportion of the young/unmarried to that of the older/married was on the low.

Now, considering the fact that youths are the strength of every economy and the ‘promised’ leaders of tomorrow- I would suggest that an effort be made towards attracting more young people; especially, fresh graduates to the next CONVERGE conference. Why?

Because a lot of us out there are obviously done with serving our country and presently looking for jobs in the oil and gas, but not so many of us even know where and what we should be doing with our lives.

So many of us have not discovered PURPOSE! And if you ask me, programs like these have the capacity of spurring up the God given potentials and ideas within us. There is hardly any path we want to thread today someone else somewhere hasn’t walked on.

Please let us not underestimate the power of MENTORSHIP and the place good LEADERSHIP.

In the converge conference- MENTORS AND PROTEGES ABOUNDS!



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