clockA sound as silent and creepy as a thief in the night invaded the sleeping man’s dreams. It bore from one dream to another as the man struggled to keep his sleep alive. The continuous ticking sound now had rented his entire mind and echoed now with a chill. Out of the darkness of his mind, images so bloody emerged.

Mike jumped out of his bed.

The salty taste that immediately blossomed in his mouth made him aware of his sweat soaked body. He stared at his sleeping wife and then at the fiery red glow of his LED clock; it was 1:30AM. This was the fourth time this week, but unlike the other nights, he was determined to go back to sleep. With a deep breath, he went back to bed but as he shut his eyes a show so eerie, vivid yet within the fraction of a second, exploded before his eyes.

He stared in the darkness as a man stalked a lady into an alley. As the man looked around to ensure no one was watching, Mike realized that he was the man. He watched how he grabbed hold of the lady and forced her into a shop that stood around there. The scene changed and he saw the lady stripped bare in his grip. He watched in dread as he began to rape the woman with ruthless impiety. He could hear her muffled screams in his head. Mike watched still as the rapist pulled out a switchblade and stabbed the woman in the neck. Blood and the smell of it immediately filled the scene; he could hear the sick sound of blood gurgling in her throat as she gasped for breath. He could feel her fade away and feel her blood bathed naked body grow cold.

Then silence fell within the scene, loud silence. Mike had only started wondering why he had done this evil when the silence conceived and bore a sound; the ticking voice of the one that had seen it all happen, the loud persistent voice of the slowly materializing wall clock. “Tick tock, tick tock, I saw it all, tick tock”. The show in Mike’s head faded away but the persistent cry of the wall clock tormented his dark conscience, ever to bring him back to that forlorn night when his first murder was done.

“…I saw it all, tick tock…”


Deolu Fawehinmi

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