…Gee! There Goes Another Uncompleted Building!

…Chinonso Writes!

I enjoy travelling―and when I do, I learn a lot. Recently, I took a trip to an old friend’s village for a retreat to help me gain some fresh insights into my business. When I arrived, my friend was very pleased to have me as his guest, and he did a great job by gleefully introducing me to his lovely family members. That night, I slept very late because my friend and I took a long, exciting ride down memory lane, and laughed over our past experiences and impishness as youngsters. At breakfast the next morning, my friend apprised me that he’d be taking me round his village so that I could, like a tourist, learn more about his place.

 Well, being an intellectual pry, I couldn’t be more eager to get started―after all, I was there to catch rhema! For the next five hours or so, my friend took me round his village and offered me a great learning experience that I wouldn’t trade for all the tea in China! From the monarch’s palace down to the village’s ancient river, my friend made every stop a relishing, unforgettable, knowledge-filled encounter. While we were sauntering back to base, I saw an uncompleted building that looked abandoned! The structure was quite big, which perhaps explained to me that the builders must have invested sizable amount of resources to even get it to that partial stage. Rapt by that site, I inquiringly asked my friend, “Why is this building like this?” And he replied, “Oh, that? It’s an uncompleted building by one rich man… He started it some years back, but stopped! And ever since then, the place has become a prytaneum where tramps, rats, villains, garbage, and weeds engage in territorial warfare.” When my friend finished, I needed no rocket scientist to tell me that I was staring at yet another uncompleted project! That night, I couldn’t close my eyes to sleep because when I tried, I kept seeing the same building staring back at me as if to say I was the cause of its paralysis. But no, it wasn’t staring at me because I was the cause; rather, it was staring at me because it wanted to deliver a strong message I couldn’t at that time fathom. Well, when I opened my eyes the next morning, it occurred to me that I did sleep eventually―but, believe me, I didn’t know how. As I descended from the bed, it hit me like a thunderbolt! I eventually caught the message: “Don’t be an uncompleted dreamer.” For the remaining days of my visit, I mulled over that powerful message and I wondered how many beautiful, life-changing dreams, like that unfinished building, have been left uncompleted by their bearers. Yes, my visit was worthwhile, and I left with an impressive conclusion: The number of uncompleted dreams is becoming alarming, and we need to put a stop to it… NOW!

Like that rich man in my friend’s village, many people start towards their dreams with great zest and bulldozer-like energy, but then half-way down the line they begin to lose faith or enthusiasm towards continuing with the rest of the journey. They nippily turn on the ignition of their dreams, travel a certain distance of life, and then begin to sleep on the steering wheel before they even arrive at their final destination. They hit the ground running with a great idea and then when it’s clear that the real game has begun, they plateau leaving the ship of their lives abandoned right in the middle of the cold sea! “Great starter, half finisher,” is a succinct, apt adjective that best describes this class of individuals. Well, the sad news is that you and I are susceptible to being christened with this same adjective, except we begin to always push ourselves and our dreams towards completing the race―the race of finishing strong, against all odds. It is one thing to start an idea and completely another to follow through with such idea till it’s actualized.

I love the game of soccer, and one of the things I find quite interesting about the sport is how it helps to explain some success principles of life. One of such principles includes: “The game is not over at half-time!” In other words, a team may start off well and play through the first half with a high score margin at their favour, but it’s the final score at the end of the game that actually tells who eventually wins. Victory, in this case, is actually defined at the completion of the entire game and not by half-time score. Like the game of soccer, birthing your dreams and achieving success in life has to do with how committed you are in driving your dreams to its full-time realization. Don’t pursue your dreams and abandon them halfway. Rather, develop the staying power to run the success race till you get to the finish line. Those who get to the finish line receive the trophy and get elevated to run a bigger, more rewarding race. But those who run and stop halfway only find themselves at one spot of life without having the chance to live up their dreams. Listen, you may not be a member of COREN, you may not be a building engineer―but you’re expected to be a builder nonetheless. You’re expected to take what life offers to you and begin to build the future of your dreams. And there is no better time to return to site than now! If you must succeed in life, then you must play till the game is over. Go after your dreams and begin to rightly set each block till the success building is completed. Well, don’t be discouraged by how hard it is to build. When it’s done, you’d be proud of yourself! Meanwhile, remember that the number of uncompleted dreams is costing our generation a king’s ransom!

Chinonso Ogbogu is a highly sought-after conference speaker, personal development trainer, prolific writer, and radio personality. He is the radio host of SuccessMatters and the creator of the GET INSIGHT, GET INSPIRED™ brand.

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