light_bulbSometimes the hardest part of starting a business is coming up with a business idea. Prior to this article, I had spent a lot of unproductive hours on the internet looking for business ideas I could kick start as a student in the higher institution. Most of the info I found were in my opinion a tad unrealistic for a Nigerian student,

the few I narrowed it down to, were either rendered unsuitable due to the amount of commitment and time that would be unsuitable with ones lecture hours, or by the area in which the school was situated, even moral, cultural and religious sentiments negated a few other viable options. However, here are a few ideas which might be suitable enough to roll in some bucks for you while you focus on your study. Some of these unique business ideas make me shake my head in disbelief while others make me mutter, “Hey! Why didn’t I think of that?” You will probably have the same reaction.

Mobile shop: You can never go wrong with selling your wares room to room style. If your campus is situated in a rural area like mine, all you need do is identify a need on campus that is sought after. Students rarely have time to go shopping in town, bring these products to them.

Clothes: If you consider yourself as somewhat fashionable or you believe you have got a keen eye for good clothes, this is for you! With just N50, 000 you can commence. It may however be best if you decide to focus and cater to one sex at first. For Male wears, tread with caution. This is a tough terrain, if you have no exquisite taste in men’s clothing, kindly do not venture. Fashion for guys is totally different from that of girls. You could buy affordable quality shirts and also other male accessories etc. However, if you are in an institution where both sexes are required to dress in a specific way, i.e. corporately, with packet shirts or skirt, neck-ties, etc sales of these items would be highly appreciated, as you might just be the only student providing them, this means you have the power of monopoly at your finger tips.

Hair/ Beauty Salons:  No matter how broke guys or girls get they will definitely look good. Are you worried because there are already salons on campus? If you are unrepentant about spending a little money, then this is the business for you. Do something unique, make it a unisex salon and you would be amazed the number of guys who would flock in just because there are going to be ladies and vice versa. Once you have talented stylists and offer well-priced services, you are good to go.

Hair products: With the current trend and craze for human hair, this is obviously a win-win situation. However, if you must delve into this, your pockets have to be BOLD. You also may decide to beat the status quo and yet supply affordable hair products and attachments for those who don’t have so much to spare.  You may also decide to do this on your own, if you are good, you could start by selling yourself to everyone you meet, perhaps they would come over to your room or you go over there. You may also fix nails and eye lashes for extra cash.

Cosmetics: This would be best if you apply to the product manufacturers and register yourself as a small scale supplier. However, if this is a tad too expensive for you, you may decide to purchase from small scale suppliers. Just be sure to get quality products. It is pertinent to note that lack of expertise or interest in cosmetics may leave you with a lot of uninterested customers. Be sure you know shades of foundation and etc.

Food: There are a variety of ways you can go about this business idea but NOTE it is not only time consuming but also not for the average student. This is BIG, if you don’t have enough to sustain it, this might not be right for you then. I know a few persons who run a café and how they shuffle between classes, i have no idea. This is not intended to discourage you but for you to prepare your mind. All you need do, get a few ladies you can afford to pay first from your own personal savings, business may likely pick up after a few weeks. Rent a shop; provide the necessary equipments and food stuffs. Get someone loyal to manage the place while you are at class. To remain successful, provide an affordable mix of mouth watering dishes second to none in a cozy space.

More ideas coming in my next article. Thank you.

Ejiro Ariodere

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