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Greetings all, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday.

As the year winds up, there’re lots of events to attend, and increasingly, many people are asking ‘What do I wear?’

What a person wears gives an impression of who he is, and it’s important to leave good impressions at every given time. Knowing exactly what to wear in every situation is a fine art, especially when there are so many outfits to choose from that one may not be exactly sure what is appropriate to wear for a particular occasion.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems, there’re a few pointers to dressing for the occasion as follows;

-Never show up at an event without knowing what it’s about and what the dress code is. This is as important as taking a shower in the morning because asking the right questions before attending an event makes you know what the “dressing expectations” are, so you don’t show up with a pair of jeans and t-shirt, while everyone else is dressed in dinner gowns and tuxedos, except you want to stand out in a bad way…lol…

-Less details: Opt for classic cuts/pieces because you can never go wrong with timeless pieces like the Little Black Dress, accessorized in a modern way. And please, don’t over accessorize, remember that in fashion LESS is MORE.


-For ladies, always wear heels, they make you have the right poise, and dress you up instantly. For guys, coordinated footwear is your best bet.


When in doubt about what is appropriate for an event, always ask a friend who is more fashion forward or contact an image consultant/stylist.


Remember that no matter how trendy an outfit is, if it’s not suitable for the occasion, it’s a complete “no no”. Have a lovely weekend.


Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

Esther N.

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