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Here are more ideas like I promised in my last article (Part ONE):

Room service: This is somewhat hilarious, but I and a few friends came up with it and I thought someone might just see the sense in it. Ok, so you have a lot of male friends always complaining about spending good money on nothing but badly prepared meals and just junk.

Make him an offer he can’t resist! Properly cooked nutritious and homely meals in exchange for a fee. I know a friend who does something similar, and its left for you both to discuss and specify the terms of the contract, whether it is either lunch/dinner. (And also breakfast if you won’t run late to school). Also if the previous idea won’t work for you and you stay in the school hostel, you may decide to start really small and get loyal customers. Choose something unconventional and make profit out of it. A few blocks from mine, there’s a female student who makes noodles and pancake. You come to her room and place your order, wait for it and food is ready. It is unbelievable how much profit she makes. A small pan is N250, while the biggest is N350.

Snacks/ small chops: If you are good at baking, you just might want a bit of extra cash. In a school like mine there are very few shops you can get a birthday cake from, student who bake do very well. What’s great about this is that it is a part time job, you need only supply when there’s an occasion. You may also decide to expand the business by having a booth around lecture theatres, get someone to man it and sell a variety of cold drinks there too, providing reprieve from the scorching sun induced heat and thirst. Also you could make chilled fresh fruit squeeze and fruit salads, package them properly and you are on.

Ice-cream booth: This one I particularly like. I thought about doing this but I kept procrastinating and one day I saw that an elderly lady had started selling supreme ice buckets. Perhaps all you find in your school are those that are sold on mobile carts or bicycles ranging from N50-150, call up or send a mail to the ice cream producers and tell them you want to be a regular vendor, stating why and how it provides them an opportunity to expand their reach. For a stipulated fee they would provide you with a fridge and the consignment and when they are doing supplies they would reach you too (it is however location sensitive, some places are out of their reach).

Mini provisions: The idea is to sell food stuffs or necessaries that are a bit scarce or stressful to get, you could make it a profitable venture by selling them for a higher rate. E.g. cold drinks, bags of water, bread, eggs, sanitary pads, etc. If you stay in the hostel and you have a good refrigerator you are good to go and also you may need a generator. You could also start a frozen food business, but this is quite risky, if you are not certain of stable light please desist.

Transportation: If you have got a car you could get a loyal driver for it and make profit. Just inquire how it is done at your school and the approved fare and complete all the registration requirements, enter into a written contract (hire purchase or not) specifying the terms with the driver, get his data and go to the nearest police station/court to sign the affidavit (just in case.) you may decide to do a private or public cab service.  Also you could purchase a motor bike and get a rider for it and follow the same procedure stated above.

Laundry:  If your school is situated in a rural area, you could become an employer of labor. All you have got to do is get unemployed ladies/girls to wash clothes for students. You might not need a shop initially. Draw up a plan on how the work would be distributed evenly. Someone to be in charge of collecting; others washing, drying, ironing, folding and return and then you can supervise to make sure there are no mix ups or theft. For a stipulated fee for each clothing item, you may even offer discounts to students or lecturers. If your business is efficient and you deliver on time. I trust you will do great. However, if you have a lot to invest, you could get a shop and a few other equipments.

Provide past question papers/notes for interested students: Doing research work for students/ project work. This is profitable where they can’t be found or access to them in the library is restricted.

Fashion designing: Yes it may be challenging, but it’s worth it. Use your room/ corner as a makeshift tailoring shop. If you are young and savvy, you can never go wrong. There are students who want classy clothes but have no access to good tailos. Prove yourself, get clients by wearing your own designs and you could even do a fashion show or bulletin showcasing your works.

Photography: Students always visit studios just to have exclusive photos but that’s the problem, it is limiting. Offer them a mobile outdoor photography service; you may also decide to burn Cd’s with pictures and soundtracks for a fee. Don’t let your ideas be confined to a cubicle. All you need is a good digital camera and a couple of software’s on your system. Although the likes of Iphones, blackberrys, tabs have almost made extinct the use of cameras, but if what you offer is hip and fresh, you would remain relevant.

Car wash: For a fee, negotiate with some guys around and look for a steady supply of water and a bit of space. Get the necessary items and make some money. Ask your pretty female friends to hand out fliers; and offer male customers a discount.

Customized products: If you have an artistic streak in you, outsource for a good graphics designer and printer, get jobs and deliver for a profitable fee. Meet departments to design their FYB shirts and even fellowships or individual shirts, hand bands, books etc.

Gymnasium: This is HUGE! If you have got good money, (not necessarily for students), get a good location and some very standard equipments and get an experienced fitness instructor. If only you know how many students are desirous of losing weight and the things some engage in out of frustration. Just put the logistics together and you won’t only make a huge return, you would have yourself some happy clients.

Party Planning: Do you love to throw/ organize parties, and especially enjoy the planning and preparation that takes place before the big event? If so, you can begin by helping a few friends out an even fellowships on campus organize logistics for a small fee. Best for creative people who know how to turn a drab atmosphere into a lively one. For a start,  you could borrow your fellowships fabric and speakers and all necessary electrical equipments from the technical department, get a few friends to help you design the décor, pick the songs, plan the menu’s etc… if you are good and affordable, people won’t forget your name.   I sincerely hope that a few of these ideas got your creative juices flowing.

There are a couple of these ideas I have experimented with and others I am yet to try. In general, I wish you the very best as you make up your mind on whichever ideas appeals most to you. Remember, there are students like us making it big out there, don’t just sit back and fold your hands, do something with them.

If at first you fail, try, try again! I would like to read from you.

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