Every one of us has a story. Even a day old kid has one, as told by its mother. Its gestational sojourn is a story.

We retell stories our mums told us about our cot lives without recourse to scientific probes. As toddlers we believed the fables we were told. Personally, I believed our village masquerade came from the holes of black ants. My uncle told me so. We never probed the veracity of tortoise’s antics and exploits. We enjoyed his ‘heroism.’ We learnt the lessons therein.

As long as we walk this plane of existence we will always have situations thrust into our laps. These situations can be described by a multiplicity of adjectives. It can also be a singular definition. Whatever the case may be, the aggregate of the varied experiences constitute our stories; the stories of our lives.

Understand this inalterable truth and you will always be at peace – we know in parts at every phase of our life. No one arrived here as a full embodiment of knowledge.

No matter how expertly we think of ourselves, there will always be folds of life’s curtains to wade through. No matter how widely travelled we claim, there are still uncharted geographical terrains yet unexploited by our feet. You may have been to the Eiffel Tower but not the Kalahari Desert. There is something you are yet to know and experience.

Those who nibble at your disclosures with the aim of muzzling you also know in parts. When their wealth of knowledge is place in a prism, they will find other spectrums yet untapped. So be bold to share and receive feedback, no matter how enervating or applauding the verbal appraisals may be.

Anecdotes may be prematurely misjudged based on certain subjective parameters and convictions. Many are hurting and your shared experience can help them emerge from their deathly shadows. With those narratives, conversations ensue. They are a revelation of what people go through. They are in need of embalming canisters of hope to douse the flames of their internally raging emotional infernos. Lots are going through heartbreaks – in marriages, careers, relationships and business pursuits.

Sadly the superficial masks of our 21st century world trump the admissibility of naturalness in the face of challenges. Your story can help them yank off the masks and accept the healing to the aching soul. For example, writing about marriage may not confer on you the title of an expert as most folks are wont to think. You may not underpin absolutes, but you aid folks create or develop adaptable workable models for conjugal harmony. People may not idolize your experience but it can aid them walk though theirs unscathed.

The thorny thing about disclosures or narratives is trying to toe the fine line of objectivity which will embrace a toga of universality. In trying to stay balanced, you employ tact and unbiasedness. But the balancing act is precarious because you are trying not to hurt people and insult sensibilities. But you have to just share. You may find that the most important thing uppermost in your mind is to be fun, pleasant and well versed. But know that your claims of versatility are at best limited when placed side by side to a fuller body of knowledge. So be bold, share your story as honestly as you can.

If you wait for want of an imprimatur or to be ‘qualified’ to tell, you may wait till eternity.

Emeka NOBIS simply helps you do what you love and love what you do as well as earn by doing so. As a Life Strategist, he helps individuals discover the unique array of gifts within and how to use them to live a life filled with purpose. He sits atop Profound Impacts International as the Lead Strategist, a company he founded with a mission to nurture minds for impacts. The company is fostered on five pedestals - mind dynamics, business, relationships, career and sprituality. As a writer and author, he has written THE PROFOUND LIFE: Principles and Strategies for Living a Life of Impacts. Follow him on twitter for life changing tweets. Add him on BB 2A15C52B

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