IMG-20130629-00091The spirit of innovation and creativity has continued to engulf more young persons in Nigeria. There’s a steady proliferation of young people venturing into entrepreneurship based on their creative abilities and passion. Tari Oyoko is one of such young persons, she just could not let the opportunity of modern fashion walk pass her doorstep without getting on board  the moving train of creativity and enterprise.  She is the owner of “Beads and Tee”,  a creative enterprise that specializes on making and selling  unique beads, both casual and traditional.

Her Starting Point…

Pretty Tari started making beads during her NYSC in early 2012. Being an innovative and hardworking personality with a great contempt for idleness, when the opportunity came knocking at her door she grabbed it.  While serving (NYSC) at Niger State, Tari had a colleague who was into bead making though she only knew about ‘finishing line works’ and not ‘wire works’. Tari’s Colleague, a fellow corper, offered to teach anyone who had interest in learning ‘bead making’ for just three thousand naira. Tari jumped at the offer, in her words: “my  love for creativity made me interested, knowing that I do not want to be frustrated with seeking for a well paying job  after service’’. Now that is what we call proactive thinking! With a degree in her hand, NYSC certificate almost attained, job prospects in view, she is already grooming herself for the creative industry. To be better prepared, she spent an extra ten thousand naira to get an advanced  training which led her to kickstart her initiative ‘Beads by Tee’.

Her Growth Story…

On her return to Port Harcourt after the national youth service year, she started  thinking of ways to expand her business. So she took samples of her work to church and showed them to her friends who were excited to have her back in town. She also started putting up her works as her BBM display picture for her  contacts to see and from there her work started yielding positive results based on recommendations from  friends, family, and even customers. Gradually, she started receiving orders to make more beads for other persons. Her customers love her excellently designed neckpieces that they keep ordering for more. Her customers always keep tabs on her to acquire the newest and usually rare designs. In line with the saying by Emerson that “knowledge exist to be imparted”, Tari has started training young envisioned youths like herself in beads making, while encouraging those within her sphere of influence to get creatively engaged.

Surmounting the Challenges…

About the challenges of her chosen path, Tari agrees with most persons that every business faces its own challenges, but her major challenge is the distance from where she lives to the market where she buys her equipments for beads making though she has been able to tackle this challenge by buying in bulk whenever she goes to the market. She also added that there are times when she has to keep late nights and also be up very early in the morning so as to meet up with delivery timelines in order not to disappoint her customers.

Photo Story…

















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Future Plans…

One of the plans of ‘Beads by Tee’ in the nearest future is to open branches around Port Harcourt for easy access by customers and to also open a beading school where bead making will be taught to more persons in a better organized manner. This will have a positive impact on the society at large as young people will be opportune to maximize their time through harnessing their creative potentials and eventually innovating their own design concepts  for accessories.

A Word for Other Young People…

In her words, “The sky is big enough for all to soar. Don’t ever feel like you can’t get into a business just because of the people you see in it have made names or because it is a crowded field but discover your purpose, build on it and if you are a determined, creative and an analytical thinker you will get to the top and you will be amazed at your  achievements in life.”

You Can Contact Her…

Mobile: 08037464426. 08056018368

BB PIN: 2ADC3243

Email: tarioyoko@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tarioyoko

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