To  celebrate the anniversary of its language school, Edukation Plus had what it called the International language Festival.  It was a parade of language and culture, focusing on the people, the cuisine, the dress
and everything related to the languages they offer there. These include French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese…

There were free language classes for everyone from children to adults from all walks of life.

The Edukation Plus group has branches in Uyo, Enugu, Abuja and Port Harcourt, as well as a liaison office in the U.K. The international language school is only one of its subsidiaries, as it also provides overseas education services, visa support services, eduction consulting, capacity building services, and of course there’s the Edukation Plus support foundation.
“Not only are we playing our role in making the world a global village, we want to infuse Nigerians into this emerging global village,” says Chinedu Ifechelobi,  Business Development Manager at Edukation Plus.
“That’s what we’re doing with the language school, because if you can speak these languages then you can be more or less like a citizen of that country, doing business, mixing up, working etc.”
And on the issue of whether French is still the number one choice among people looking to learn an international language to improve their lives, Chinedu had this to say:
“Every language presents equal opportunities because it depends on what you’re interested in or what you can do. The more languages you learn the more doors that will be open for you.”
We got to find out that Spanish is the most widely spoken international language (after English), with up to 14 countries speaking Spanish. Mandarin is also growing because of the emerging market in China and the prevalence of Chinese owned businesses all over the world.

Article culled from howfana.com

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