I met a boy a lot like you, funny how he knew our song
He sang it well but not like you did.
A good Dancer he was, he new our dance
But just not like you
Dark and Tall just like you but you look better.
The way he talks, his voice just like yours
His actions just like yours
But he’s not you.
Its hard to go back to whiskey
After tasting good wine
Its you I want not him.
His touch and kisses
Similar to yours
I can’t stand it.
I want my old wine back.
I’ve come to realize
There’s only one you
And I want that ‘one’ you back
I’m sorry
Levy Braide
By Tamunotonye Levy-Braide
Twitter: @sapphycrush
Culled from www.levybraide.blogspot.com

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