The picture of me sitting in the park had lots of comments to it on Facebook. When the notification came up about a comment on my picture, I was not surprised that it was still getting all the attention after more than a year. The comment from one of my new online friends drew my attention to something I have never really given a close attention before; ‘nice picture, enticing and sexy eyes’.

I zoomed the picture in to get a closer look, and right before me was one of the most stunning pair of eyes I had ever seen. The sight was something I could not keep to myself. Another thought came.

Fifteen minutes later, I had the picture cropped to reveal one of the eyes, the eyelid partly opened, the eyelash a little raised, and the bright eye looking with a piercing intensity that could melt any heart.

This was a classic Blackberry Messenger picture. It was new, unique, and MY OWN EYE. No one would steal this! The thought alone gave me so much joy. I looked at my product again, even without a touch of the photoshop brush, it looked so good. I smiled from ear to ear as I updated my blackberry status. ‘Seeing beyond your imagination’, was written beside my classic eye. The smiled continued on my walk to the bathroom for a shower.

My first task after my bath was to quickly check my phone for any messages. There was none, but out of curiosity, I decided to scroll through the recent updates and was too shocked to move for some minutes.

Seven of my friends had changed their display pictures and were now using an eye, that eye, MY EYE!

That was the eye I had cropped from myself, had taken my time to work on to this level, and had painstakingly made sure all the proportions were carefully adjusted to meet my desire; that was the same eye seven people had taken without even a word of commendation for, or gratitude to me. It was like they just plucked off my eye for their own use without even seeking my permission, or even telling me that they had it.

Whether out of anger or desperation, I do not know, but a quick broadcast was sent to all my contacts: ‘please don’t use this as your dp, it is my eye, I mean, my personal eye’. This seemed to have ignited a new passion for the picture. Within minutes, it was used by more than thirty contacts, with twenty-one changing their status to ‘My eye, my personal eye’. I removed it out of anger. Five days later, I saw the same eye on Facebook with the tag, ‘God sees all’.

I am no longer angry, but the incidence has brought to the fore the sad fate of display pictures; arguably the thing most stolen today. Whether it is a picture of your baby playing, or a picture of your potbellied husband that your kid erroneously changes to the display picture on your mobile, it immediately becomes a public property. Unlike other avenues where courtesy demands that permission should be sought before things are taken from other people, display pictures seem to be having scores to settle with courtesy, and so has been unapologetically taken off the list. When your dps are taken, you can be sure that no word will come back in gratitude, it is sad, but that is the fate of DPs.

I scroll through my contacts again, and see a picture of two kids holding each other. Quickly, it is changed to my DP, and my status is ‘God’s Love’. I know someone on my contact list will be changing a display picture soon.
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