The Philosophy of Creative Survival

Do_Something_Productive_by_thegreatspooSometimes, I think-feel like I’m wasting… Sometimes another voice assures me that I’m not wasting but waiting! Like Martin Luther King Jr., I, you, we… “Have A Dream”…I keep dreaming, thinking, hoping, praying… even though, I keep feeling like I’m sleeping, snoring, rolling… in deep slumber of illusions! Occasioned by sober societal contradictions! Amidst this pool of illusions, I do not limit but free my imaginations of greatness! Because, I can still see illuminations of hope in determination!

As young people, most times we feel like we are at a cross-road with our society! Especially this part of the world we find ourselves. When I say society, I mean myself, you, family, belief-religious systems, polity, economy…. and connectivity of interactions within.

Success, as sweet as it sounds, among all other societal values is held at high esteem. Like, learning trade-becoming successful in a particular trade. Going to school, graduating-with good grade… get a good job… and all that! But of a truth, the harsh reality remains that, the same society that dishes out  these rosy values doesn’t provide means for so many but a handful…! These people, the same society calls ‘the privileged few’! Those on the other side of the fence, maybe I should call them ‘the unprivileged many’! Most times, they end up in the street… The same society that could not account-provide for them resorts to calling them names: Street Urchins… What a funny-unfunny irony! I call it ‘societal contradictions’!

Those that barely managed to go to school amidst material lack…, come out to face the same society- a jobless one at that! Back in those days, First Class Degree was a sure way to a career safe haven; Second Class Upper… a guarantee. But now! ‘Things Fall Apart’ or maybe I should call it ‘Neo Things Fall Apart’. Most of us… in our rather limiting mind-set, threw all our eggs in one basket as prospective under-graduates; even after graduation and national service. Though, is not a crime for us to believe that we will get jobs after school! But it goes beyond that.

Someone would say that this young man sounds so pessimistic… But of a truth, I’m just being realistic! Years back, as a prospective under-graduate, a friend wanted to teach me how to play the Organ-Piano. I was like it was a distraction and missed the skill. Who knows how that skill would have helped me-my flair for music! Looking back, there were something we would have done – learnt while in school as under-graduate-joining some organizations that would have helped in sharpening our social skills… I saw on TV a guy I know back in school as a dancer, at the last edition of ‘Maltina Dance All’ with his family; who knows where I will see him again… maybe on MTV… of course I won’t not be surprised!

One would ask where this young man is driving at with this rhetoric… Like I said, I‘m thinking… I want to, in my own little way lend my voice in support for the campaign for a Creative Generation. My message is embodied in philosophy – my philosophy:  Creative Survival. What is Creative Survival? It is a message of HOPE… Hope that comes from inside of a person…! Like I said, I can still see illuminations of hope in determination!  We must look inside of us. In us lay great things – innate skills, talents… that crave for attention from us! Great things that will bring us to limelight while bringing glory to God almighty that put them in us. I keep telling myself that most of us are just existing… enjoying other people’s innovations that are advancing the course of humanity…! For instance, I now write for Southern Brands one of the stables of MAPEMOND RESOURCES. A vision of a young man like me who has taken a bold step – decided with a strong passion not to exist but live creatively! I have seen, read… success stories. I can boldly say in all sincerity that his vision is not far from all the… stories! Success stories like the Dangote’s, Coscharis’, Mark Zuckerberg’s… are cases in point. Years back, I read an inspiring story in a popular soft sell magazine, I cannot remember which one for now…. If you belong to my age set- 1980s and you never read Hearts, Hints… magazines, I wonder if you actually read any one at all! That’s by the way. Going back to the story, John Johnson an African-American, had a dream-vision: Ebony Magazine, but had little or no money. He was the founder and publisher of Ebony Magazine, one of if not the most famous Blacks’ magazine in the US and world over. When he wanted to start, his mother who barely had money rallied around for him…. During the launch of his first edition, he borrowed money which he gave to his friends as invitees for them to buy some copies so that the launching will not come off cold and drab. But today Ebony Magazine is a household name. Coming nearer home, a young man from my place started barbing with razor-comb years back in Aba. But now he owns a flourishing beauty outfit called ‘MakeMe’ which is now a popular brand in Lagos. He is now an employer of labour. He travels abroad as product Ambassador to some cosmetics companies.

In line with the philosophy of Creative Survival, some of us are cut out to be employers of labour by being creative… Let us look inwards-inside of us, let’s preach it to our younger ones… Let us tape the treasures in us! Let’s Survive Creatively…!

Written by @ogadirich

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