Last week we shared very vital and inspiring leadership and business lessons from the documentary titled “The Men Who Built America”. And for the benefit of those who could not follow the serial tweets, here they are below for your perusal:

1. How four men changed the world forever in less than 30 years #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

2. There was a time when the 3 richest people in the world were worth 1 trillion dollars #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

3. Andrew Carnegie became the first man to earn a contract from the US military. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica.

4. “They want war, we’ll give them war. We’re gonna watch them bleed.” – Cornelius Vanderbilt #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

5. There is no reward without risk. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

6. The secret to success is to not give up! Failure is not an option. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

7. The mantra of successful people: “Nothing is impossible.” #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

8. Every revolution has a dark side. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

9. Don’t run your biz on a stagnant model. Be ready to evolve as the world keeps changing & technology keeps advancing #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

10. To keep your lead in biz, you must groom a capable successor who can groom others. That’s leadership. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

11. Don’t hasten your steps till your vision is clear #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

12. Where others see weakness, business leaders focus on the possibilities and uncovered strengths #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

13. ‘What’s Next?’ that’s a question every futuristic entrepreneur asks at each new level attained #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

14. The greatest of leaders are those whose vision transcends their own moments and time #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

15. They don’t think in terms of money, they think in terms of WINNING #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

16. Innovation isn’t a big break through invention all the time, innovation is that thing which keeps your work interesting #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

17. There was a time when the world had no safe source of light indoor once it was nightfall, then came #KeroseneRevolution #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

18. A creative entrepreneur always finds what’s missing, and works hard to provide it #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

19. The entrepreneur who is conscious of winning must always be on the lookout for TIMELY information #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

20. While waiting for that ‘lucky day’, visionary business leaders ensure that they stay prepared #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

21. Every business is about understanding people – those to embrace, to keep at arm’s length, to get out of the way, etc #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

22. To win in business, you must be confident of the value you place on your deliverables, without out-pricing yourself #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

23. Never go into negotiations unprepared, and be sure you have what the other person wants #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

24. The greatest of leaders do not back out from daunting tasks, they find away of beating the odds #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

25. A great deal of the world’s foremost leaders and business magnates were from poor backgrounds. Think & see beyond NOW. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

26. Greatness is not for mediocres. If you want it, you’ve got to work hard for it, no shortcuts #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

27. Entrepreneurs always consider changes as opportunities to create new businesses #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

28. Having passion isn’t enough, your idea must be good, and then you find the people with the needed skills & background #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

29. No venture ever becomes great because of a good idea alone, there are always those who work real hard behind-the-scenes #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

30. To succeed, you must know the difference between ‘good’ idea and ‘right’ idea #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

31. The most successful people usually turn out to be those with the ‘right’ idea who never quit #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

32. While many were just drilling oil, John D. Rockefeller moved a step further to pioneer oil refining. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

33. You’ve heard it severally, and you need to mull over it: Those who really succeed in life, are those who don’t quit #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

34. The #KeroseneRevolution got a huge blow when explosion started happening in homes. Be prepared for such setbacks. #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

35. Due to high demands for Kerosene, many dealers rushed to the market with poorly refined products that were volatile #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

36. Do not let the pressure of high demands drive you into desperation. Remember it’s ‘meet NEEDS’ before ‘profits’ #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

37. So while the kerosene explosions caused chaos in the market place, John D. Rockeffeler focused on the opportunities #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

38. John Rockefeller needed to calm the fears of consumers and present them with his reliable kerosene (product) #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

39. John Rockefeller started “packaging” his kerosene into special containers with the “brand name” STANDARD OIL #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

40. Here we see the importance of ‘packaging’, but first the product itself must be good and reliable #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

41. The brand name ‘Standard Oil’ apart from making the product easy to identify, also built credibility for the company #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

42. Standard Oil became the only product in the early oil industry that guaranteed a uniform quality of kerosene #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

43. Standard Oil as a name was organic but inspired by the drive of Rockefeller to create a ‘standard’ in the ‘oil’ market #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

44. The name and packaging worked, Standard Oil immediately became the most sought after oil by consumers #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

45. Great leaders inspire others to become leaders. And they are not afraid of their proteges becoming better than them! #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

46. To win, avoid spontaneous proposals. It’s more strategic to have carefully crafted ‘pitches’ #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

47. Most people have ideas and ambitions, but only those who are willing to cross the line, turn out truly successful #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

48. The quest to eliminate rail roads from the oil biz led Rockefeller to discover a revolutionary way of transporting his oil, pipelines! #MenWhoBuiltAmerica

49. From shipping, to rail roads, and to oil….America kept rising economically and otherwise #MenWhoBuiltAmerica


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