Chinonso Writes! He Committed Suicide and Ended His Story. How Are You Writing Your Story?

When I overheard the awful news, I was somewhat pensive! I ain’t glad telling it though, but I will. He appeared productive and virile, no doubt. He managed the business that his dad left for him, as I heard. The ambiance of his workplace held a vivacity that was estimable.

For me, the business was doing pretty well and customers were having their needs met. Alas, when I passed by his workplace that afternoon, I beheld a ghost town! ‘What could have happened?’ I wondered. Still puzzled, I asked someone, “What about the guy doing business here?” “Well, didn’t you hear the news?” the ‘someone’ replied. “He committed suicide two days ago, out of frustration.” When she finished enunciating those words, I was shocked—and then dispirited!


If he was experiencing fulfillment, would he have done so?’  was a thought that kept running through my mind–—hence, I decided pen a thought. Well, I doubt if that guy enjoyed fulfillment. Why? People who enjoy fulfillment live life—they don’t end it. People who enjoy fulfillment don’t put an end to their own story; rather, they keep writing and enjoying the process therein. In other words, ‘fulfillment’ keeps humans truly alive.


Unfortunately, the size of humans living an unfulfilled life today is increasingly scary. But rather than call ourselves to order, we hide behind the veil of our jobs, titles, degrees, relationships, the number of zeros in our bank accounts, circumstances, or accomplishments. I think we need to tell ourselves the brutal truth. Our assignment on planet earth is to seek fulfillment and live it out to the fullest. Listen, when all is said and done, fulfillment is what life is all about. If we’re not seeking fulfillment, whether in our jobs, businesses, or relationships, the truth is that we’re only hurting ourselves. In other words, if we ain’t seeking fulfillment, we’re missing the meat. Please, let’s find and chew that meat NOW—no time!

THE_VOICESChinonso Ogbogu is a business trainer, success coach, highly sought-after conference speaker, gifted writer, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of the popular SuccessMatters™ and the conveyor of the monthly GET INSIGHT, GET INSPIRED™ event. He is also the author of the newest, upcoming book known as ‘THE VOICES’. Follow me on twitter: @chinonsowrites or Facebook:

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